How to protect your skin from blue light and prevent damage 

vital defense mist blue light protect

In today’s digital age, our exposure to screens has dramatically increased. We find ourselves surrounded by a constant stream of blue light, from smartphones to tablets to laptops and LED televisions. While the harmful effects of UV light on the skin are well-known, the potential impact of blue light has gained attention recently. In this article, we will explore what blue light is, how it can cause skin damage and effective ways to protect and prevent blue light damage. 

What is Blue Light? 

Blue light is a high-energy, short-wavelength light emitted by the sun and various artificial sources, including electronic devices. It falls within the visible light spectrum and has a wavelength of approximately 400 to 500 nanometres. Blue light regulates our sleep-wake cycles, boosts mood, and increases alertness. 

Can blue light cause skin damage?

While the amount of blue light admitted from screens is relatively minor compared to the amount you’ll get from the Sun’s UV rays, blue light exposure can have long-term effects. 

Research suggests that blue light can cause changes in your skin cells, including shrinkage. This shrinkage can speed up the aging process and the breakdown of collagen in the skin. 

Long-term exposure to UV rays and blue light from the sun can increase your risk of eye disease. While more research is needed to determine how blue light can damage the skin, some studies suggest that exposure to blue light can result in hyperpigmentation. One study showed that those with darker skin noticed redness, swelling, and pigment changes on their skin. As a threshold for when the effects of blue light exposure show on the skin come on, it is best to err on the side of caution and add blue light protection into your daily skincare routine. 

How to protect the skin from blue light – YonKa Ireland VITAL Defense 

Our latest launch, VITAL DEFENSE MIST, forms a protective, invisible shield that limits the adhesion and penetration of fine particles and pollutants on the skin thanks to a biosaccharide obtained by Green Sciences. 

Plant polyphenols from Sophora Japonica and Butterfly Tree give it an immediate multi-protective and anti-oxidant effect, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and blue light and boosting its self-defense systems. 

An added benefit is that you can use it to set your makeup, forming a multi-protection shield over your skin. And you will enjoy the moisturising and soothing effects that Vitamin B5 offers. 

vital defense mist blue light protect

In the morning, apply your skincare, sunscreen, makeup, and Vital Defense mist as the final step. With your eyes closed, spray it over your face, neck, décolleté, and hands for protection against aggression, pollution, UV and blue light. 

Another way to protect the skin from blue light is to limit your screen time, especially before bed. Not only will this help protect your skin, but it will also improve your sleep quality, as blue light can interfere with your circadian rhythm, which is essential for good-quality sleep. 

Reducing screen time might be easier said than done, especially if your job involves being on the computer. But taking regular breaks from the screen, keeping it as far away from you as possible so you can still see it, can help limit your exposure to blue light. If you cannot reduce screen time, use YonKa Sunscreen Cream SPF50 even when you’re inside the house to help prevent further skin damage.