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The benefits of Vitamin C on the skin

YON-KA C20 Vitamin C serum

If you’ve had a cold or been unwell over the winter or throughout the year, you’ve most likely reached for vitamin C to help fight those colds. Not only does it help support your immune system, but this antioxidant can benefit our health and skin, and tests have been shown to have many positive effects […]

Treat your Mum to Yon-Ka this Mother’s Day

Yon-Ka Elastine Jour, 50ml & Yon-Ka Elastine Nuit Mothers Day

Raising a family can take so much time, effort and energy; mothers can often tend to put everyone else first. It’s easy to take them for granted, so this Mother’s Day, why not show them that you care and make this Mother’s Day extra special with some Yon-Ka products that will make her look and […]

Introducing the latest innovation from Yon-ka Paris – C20 Serum

YON-KA C20 Vitamin C serum

 Yon-ka Paris – C20 Serum The latest arrival to the Yon-Ka Paris Skincare collection, Serum C20 is clinically proven to fight the signs of premature aging and brighten skin tone. This formula features a 20% concentration of vitamin C, a must-have ingredient in anti-aging skincare products. How does it work? Thanks to its super- star list […]


Many women experience a shift in hormones during their menstrual cycles, during perimenopause and menopause, starting or weaning off the oral contraceptive pill. This means that their skin can flare up, causing unwelcome breakouts. Hormonal acne is something that a lot of women face as adults, but is something that’s manageable. Here are some tips […]