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How to protect your skin from blue light and prevent damage 

vital defense mist blue light protect

In today’s digital age, our exposure to screens has dramatically increased. We find ourselves surrounded by a constant stream of blue light, from smartphones to tablets to laptops and LED televisions. While the harmful effects of UV light on the skin are well-known, the potential impact of blue light has gained attention recently. In this […]

Introducing the latest innovation from Yon-ka Paris – C20 Serum

YON-KA C20 Vitamin C serum

 Yon-ka Paris – C20 Serum The latest arrival to the Yon-Ka Paris Skincare collection, Serum C20 is clinically proven to fight the signs of premature aging and brighten skin tone. This formula features a 20% concentration of vitamin C, a must-have ingredient in anti-aging skincare products. How does it work? Thanks to its super- star list […]