At Yon-Ka, we believe that in order to reach greater physical and mental well-being, each person must reconnect with themselves and come back to life’s essentials to live a better life

We create experiences that reinforce each person’s core and vital energy using effective, personalised phyto-aromatic products that don’t aggravate skin.

Who we are?

We are pioneers in aromatherapy, Laboratoires Multaler created Yon-Ka® Paris phyto-aromatic skincare products in 1954. Yon-Ka is a family-owned, 100% French brand whose products give your skin the most essential elements from plants: their rejuvenating essential oils are filled with solar energy and complementary active ingredients (vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, and trace elements).

This combination effectively meets the requirements of the most demanding skin.

Our mission statement:

“In a world that’s always demanding more,
we pause. We take stock.
We get back to what’s essential.
Less pretence, more authenticity,
Less compromise, more efficacy,
Less talking, more feeling.
At Yon-Ka, we always choose simplicity in good conscience.
We reconnect with our own energy and that of others,
so that tomorrow’s world will be healthier and more beautiful.”

Yon-Kaa…The brand’s name itself carries a symbol of continual rejeuvenation:
YON, the purifying whitewater river.
KA, the eternal soul that lives in each being, a word from the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

Our story

Passionate about aromatherapy and phytotherapy, the Mühlethaler family has been leading the way with their various discoveries since 1954. Yon-Ka has always drawn inspiration from the benefits essential oils and plants offer the mind and body while also meeting specific daily, real world, needs for women and men.

Their research led them to a major discovery: “Quintessence”, a unique combination of 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean basin which became the DNA of their trademark phyto-aromatic brand.

Our values

Alive in the present and committed to a bright future, we want to share a new form of holistic beauty that pays respect to the body and mind, as well as the nature around us, its resources and the living beings that fill it.

We are committed to constantly improving how we work to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is empowered by the brand’s five unique values: natural efficacy, formulation excellence, spa treatment expertise, multisensory experience, and sustainable commitments.

Our Formulas

Yon-Ka promotes scientific rigour and draws on our strength to achieve efficacy through excellence in formulation and exacting requirements. We respect for animals and the environment, and don’t use any harmful ingredients. The brand also favours gluten-free and vegan formulations using a high number of natural ingredients.

Yon-Ka tests each product’s efficacy (firming, wrinkle depth, hydration, anti-glycation, antioxidant, and dark spot correcting properties, etc.) through clinical and instrumental trials and studies conducted by independent labs: efficacy tests using instruments, efficacy and tolerance tests supervised by dermatologists, tests on cell cultures and skin explants, as well as consumer validation of our products’ textures and fragrances.

Our ingredients

Laboratoires Multaler carefully selects all ingredients in our products as well as our suppliers, who must all follow our quality guidelines to allow our products to remain as effective and environmentally conscious as they have always been. We carefully select the best active plant based ingredients (certified organic whenever possible) and the best essential oils to create an effective, natural beauty experience that fills our customers’ senses. Yon-Ka products contain at least 92% natural ingredients. Yon-Ka’s very essence is contained in our exclusive complex of essential oils, a veritable concentration of efficacy: Yon-Ka Quintessence.

Our Product Collections

To recreate the spa experience at home, Yon-Ka has developed a range of products for the face and body that prolong the benefits of professional treatments. Each formula created by our labs embodies our desire to provide an effective, targeted response for every stage of life that solves all skin issues (hydration, anti-ageing, nutrition, radiance, uniformity, anti-redness, purity) for all skin types.

Our Treatments at Spas & Institutes

Experience a moment of escapism and complete relaxation at one of the 6000 spas and institutes around the world that offers our treatments. Let yourself get carried away, alone or with a partner, by an timeless holistic experience, and  timeless journey during a body or face treatment from a practitioner trained in Yon-Ka techniques. There’s a Yon-Ka solution for each of your specific beauty or well-being concerns that we identify through our skin diagnostic.

Our Commitments & Actions

We have the greatest respect for Nature, as well as for the women and men who work to produce, grow, and harvest its resources since they’re essential components in our premium skincare products. As a family-owned French company, we make it a point of pride to have all our products manufactured in France by the most sustainable and local partners who care about biodiversity and equity. So, naturally, Yon-Ka is committed every day to protecting nature, notably by supporting the work of Un Toit pour les Abeilles (A Roof for Bees).Our company also supports breast cancer research through the Ruban Rose (Pink Ribbon) organisation.