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New: Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment

If you’re already missing the sunshine as the days get shorter and darker, we have the perfect winter warmer treatment.  The Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment is ideal for those who want to relax their body and mind.  It restores a sense of peace and wellbeing while soothing away stress. Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment This treatment […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Yon-Ka in Ireland

If you’re a fan of Yon-Ka, you might know that the brand first started out in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family who was passionate about botany.  They had a deep knowledge of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and during their research, created the now-famous Yon-Ka Quintessence.  This is a unique combination of five essential oils which remains […]