YonKa skincare routine for dehydrated skin

YonKa skincare routine for dehydrated skin

Did you know that dehydrated skin can happen to any skin type, even those with oily skin? Some common signs of dehydrated skin include tightness, discomfort, a lack of suppleness, an increase in fine lines, roughness and dullness. Your skin may look more fatigued and aged than usual. Dehydrated skin occurs when it lacks moisture, which is different from dry skin, which lacks oil. Here’s a YonKa skincare routine for dehydrated skin, which will leave the skin soft, soothed, and deeply hydrated. 


Lait Nettoyant is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup from your face, eyes and lips, and if you have dehydrated skin, you will enjoy the soft, velvet texture. It contains borneol extract, which has purifying and soothing properties and leaves the skin clear, comfortable and purified. 

Lait Nettoyant /Cleansing Milk- 200 ml


Lotion YonKa is much more than a toner. It’s enriched with five essential YonKa Quintessence oils, and it hydrates, purifies, invigorates, soothes and refreshes the skin. It helps to calm sunburn and insect bites while stimulating cells and preparing your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. It also contains glycerin which helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. This can also be used to refresh the skin throughout the day. 


Hydra No1 serum gives very dehydrated skin deep, long-lasting hydration, thanks to the formula that includes hyaluronic acid to hydrate and restructure and antioxidant active ingredients like vitamins A, C and E. It gives intense nourishment to the skin leaving it soft, plumped up and supple, and the lightweight texture penetrates the skin quickly, giving instant hydration. 


Hydra No1 Masque is the best face mask for dehydrated skin, giving instant and long-lasting hydration. It has repairing and regenerating active ingredients like jojoba and vitamins A, E, C and B5, which leaves the skin plumper, smoother and softer. You can use it as an all-over mask, applied generously to the face, neck and decollete. It can be left on for 20 minutes to an hour, removing the excess with a tissue. 

If your skin is distressed or damaged by the sun, apply a thin layer of Hydra No1 Masque every evening for three weeks instead of your usual night cream, leaving it on all night. If your skin is very dehydrated and needs an intense treatment, apply it every evening for a week in a thin layer, replacing your usual night cream. You can leave it on all night, and your skin will be fresh, soft and hydrated in the morning. 


Creme 28 is an effective hydrating cream to treat dehydrated skin, whether it’s oily or dry. It’s enriched with essential oils and contains vitamins A, E and F, giving suppleness and comfort to the skin. It also reduces any roughness or fine lines caused by dehydration, hydrating and soothing the skin. 

Creme 28 /Hydration Moisturiser for Teens- 50 ml


Hydra+ booster is an excellent addition to a skincare routine for dehydrated skin. It immediately reduces tightness and roughness, intensely hydrating the skin, leaving it soft, comfortable and radiant. Add a couple of drops of this ultra-moisturising multivitamin oil to your day or night cream to quickly soften the skin, helping it to regain its balance and radiance. 

Whether you’re looking for a serum, moisturiser, or mask, YonKa has a range of products you can add to your skincare routine to help restore your skin’s moisture level, helping treat dehydrated skin and leaving you with a healthy, radiant complexion. 

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