Discover the new Yon-Ka face treatment


The anti-aging, radiant, unifying treatment
for a sublimated skin

A new professional radiance-enhancing, anti-ageing and unifying facial treatment.
Between medicine and aesthetics, VITAMINE C25 perfectly combines effectiveness and sensoriality thanks to the combination of a peel containing 30% glycolic acid and the new professional SERUM C25 ampoule containing 25% stable Vitamin C1.
Results proven in 60 minutes2, confirmed by clinical measurements: From the 1st treatment2, 100% of wrinkles are less visible3, the skin is more elastic3. +33% radiance4.

  THE NEW VITAMIN C25 treatment

This new Vitamine C25 treatment is a radiance-enhancing, anti-aging & unifying treatment that takes place in 10 major steps.

Between medicine and aesthetics, this facial perfectly combines effectiveness and sensoriality.

It benefits from a new exclusive professional product: Serum C25, containing 25% stable Vitamin C*.


Vitamin C25 is a treatment for men and women of all ages. It is perfect for dull, tired skin, with signs of photoaging or pigmentation spots.

The C25 serum used in the Vitamin C25 treatment can be used to personalise any Yon-Ka facial. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of vitamin C on radiance, anti-ageing and complexion unification.

Personalize all your treatments with a Vitamin C boost by adding an ampoule of Serum C25 to perform the massage. Proven & visible effectiveness :

From the 1st application of Serum C25 ampoule:

  • +26% Skin brightness
  • +22% Uniformity of the skin

After a cure of 4 applications of Serum C25 ampoule:

  • -35% Wrinkle severity
  • +60% Uniformity of the skin
  • +64% Radiance et brightness of the skin
  • +44% Skin elasticity

* clinical scoring – Application by a beautician – 23 women. ** 1 application per week.


Measured effectiveness from the 1st treatment:1 :

+33% radiance

+17% elasticity

-11% wrinkles3

100%** of the volunteers want to repeat this facial very quickly and would recommend it for its radiance boosting and anti-aging effectiveness

For 100% of women: their skin is more luminous, their complexion more even and sublimated3. Their wrinkles are less visible, their skin is more toned, more elastic and their spots appear less visible.

For 100% of women: their wrinkles are less visible, their skin is more toned, more elastic and their spots appear less visible3.

Perfectly tolerated even by sensitive skin.

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