Treat your Mum to Yon-Ka this Mother’s Day

Yon-Ka Elastine Jour, 50ml & Yon-Ka Elastine Nuit Mothers Day

Raising a family can take so much time, effort and energy; mothers can often tend to put everyone else first. It’s easy to take them for granted, so this Mother’s Day, why not show them that you care and make this Mother’s Day extra special with some Yon-Ka products that will make her look and feel even more beautiful?

Elastine Jour

Elastine Jour is ideal for those with mature skin, giving targeted anti-wrinkle results, leaving the skin beautifully smooth and plump. It has a lightweight texture that moisturises the skin and acts as an effective makeup base too. The formula includes milk peptides that smooth the facial contours, shea butter that soothes and protects, and vitamins C and E, which protect the skin against environmental stress and damage.

Elastine Nuit

Then to really intensify the effects of Elastine Jour, you could treat your Mum to Elastine Nuit. This works while she sleeps, helping to smooth, nourish and protect the skin. Elastine Nuit is enriched with elastin and milk peptides to smooth out fine lines and repair the skin’s surface. It also contains vitamin C and wheat germ oil, which help repair and regenerate the skin. Soy peptides restructure and smooth the skin, while shea butter repairs and protects it. After using it, Mum’s skin will be plumped up, more supple and toned the following morning, with wrinkles and fine lines faded.

This month, you can save 20% when you buy Elastine Jour and Elastine Nuit together.

DAY & NIGHT DUO: Yon-Ka Elastine Jour, 50ml & Yon-Ka Elastine Nuit, 50ml

If you think your Mum would prefer a Yon-Ka treatment, why not book her in for the Elastine treatment? This smoothing, anti-wrinkle and restructuring treatment includes deep exfoliation with AHA/BHA, and specific anti-wrinkle technical actions, leaving Mum with hydrated, nourished, radiant skin.

While it’s important we show the mother figures in our lives how much we care daily, this Mother’s Day, let’s shower them with extra love, affection, attention and appreciation.

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