New: Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment

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If you’re already missing the sunshine as the days get shorter and darker, we have the perfect winter warmer treatment.  The Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment is ideal for those who want to relax their body and mind.  It restores a sense of peace and wellbeing while soothing away stress.

Yon-Ka Mahana Seasonal Treatment

This treatment is inspired by the Polynesian practice of Taurumi massage, a spiritual and therapeutic practice passed down from the Polynesian ancestors.  It combines the Polynesian inspired products from the Relax Aroma Fusion range featuring the warm and floral notes of Tiare flowers and Jasmine with a regenerative scalp massage, hand and foot massage, reconnecting the mind, body and spirit to the influences of nature.

Who can avail of the treatment?

The Mahana Seasonal Treatment is recommended for men and women of all ages and especially those who are lacking energy or are stressed.  The combination of smoothing, stretching and rocking techniques gives deep relaxation to the body and mind, targeting the entire body, relieving tension and pain.

What’s involved in the Mahana Seasonal Treatment?

Mahana is the Tahitian word for sun and the treatment includes a star-shaped massage of the head, scalp, hands and feet.  The regenerative scalp techniques and their placements mimic the rays of the sun emanating outwards from the vertex of the cranium.  As each scalp movement finishes at the cranium, this rebalances the energies of the mind, body and soul.

The Mahana Season Treatment is available as a stand-alone treatment, or it can be added to a facial treatment.

The 60 minute Mahana Season Treatment includes

  • Signature introduction including aromatic awakening and aromatic compress
  • Makeup removal and cleaning featuring Lait Nettoyant
  • Facial scrub with Gommage Yon-Ka followed by mist with Lotion Yon-Ka
  • Face, neck, and décolleté massage followed by face and neck mask
  • Mahana scalp massage followed by hand and foot massage
  • Signature conclusion including aromatic awakening, body stretching, and back massage

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, then chase it away with the Mahana Seasonal Treatment.  It brings a feeling of well-being to relax and calm the whole body, escaping through the senses to distant Polynesian islands.

Book in for the Mahana Seasonal Treatment through your local Yon-Ka clinic today which you can find here.