Celebrating 30 Years of Yon-Ka in Ireland

If you’re a fan of Yon-Ka, you might know that the brand first started out in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family who was passionate about botany.  They had a deep knowledge of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and during their research, created the now-famous Yon-Ka Quintessence.  This is a unique combination of five essential oils which remains at the heart of the brand.  This year, Yon-Ka celebrates 30 years in Ireland thanks to Rosemary and Tom Evans, founders of Renaissance Products Ltd.

Rosemary first discovered Yon-Ka Paris when training to be a become a skincare professional.  She was so impressed with the results, as were her clients, who gave incredible feedback.  Thus, Rosemary began importing the aromatherapy-based skincare brand for use in her home-based salon and the rest is history.

Business grew quickly and moved from being home based to a much larger office in the original town hall building in Howth village which was extensively renovated to house the company headquarters and training facilities. A commercial warehouse was also acquired to accommodate the growing stock levels needed to supply the Irish market. Yon-Ka has experienced massive growth since its introduction to the Irish market and the Renaissance team are delighted to celebrate 30 years in Ireland this September.

To celebrate 30 years in Ireland, we spoke to Rosemary to find out more about her love for Yon-Ka, what her favourite product combinations are and what she’d recommend for those who might be new to this iconic skincare brand.

Why do you think Yon-Ka has stood the test of time in Ireland over the last 30 years?

Yon-Ka is more than a skincare brand offering a beautiful experience whether it’s a treatment or using a product in your homecare regime. Yon-Ka is a pioneer of Phyto-aromatic skincare combining essential oils and plant extracts to unveil a treasure of benefits that hold the secret to sensorial rituals and products with spectacular results with each product range designed to target skin concern. With a Yon-Ka treatment, the client truly de-stresses in a cocoon of heavenly ambiance.

What are your favourite Yon-Ka products?

 My personal favourites are Lotion Yon-Ka, Phyto 52 and Yon-Ka Gommage which is a must have for every skin regime.

 If someone is new to Yon-Ka, where should they start?

I recommend starting out with a cleanser in the range best suited to your skin type, Lotion Yon-ka, Yon-Ka Gommage and Phyto 52. This core routine will allow for introduction of other products depending on your skin concerns at the time.

Are there any Yon-Ka products that you feel are underrated?

 I think the Yon-Ka Booster oils should be incorporated into everyone’s skincare regime. With a high concentration of natural ingredients, each Booster face care product enriches your day cream or night cream to give your skin just the additions it needs at the moment. You can customise your products with these boosters for more effective action on your skin.

 Which of the Yon-Ka treatments is your favourite?

The Excellence Code Cellular Activation Treatment.  It’s a luxurious collagen treatment that incorporates shiatsu points to activate the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment leaves my skin looking and feeling replenished and radiant.

We know you love mixing and matching your Yon-Ka products in your skincare routine.  What are some of your favourite skincare cocktails that we should try?

For a regenerating boost, my go to combination is to pair Phyto 52 with Yon-ka Booster Lift+ for an intensive, aromatherapeutic skin-firming benefit that promotes healthy skin tone and sculpts facial contours. Apply as an overnight mask and use for at least 10 days.

A homemade nourishing eye treatment I love to apply is Elixir Vital and Phyto 52 layered as a firming nourishing eye cream, a savour for puffy eyes.

For a beautiful creamy mask, add your favourite Yon-Ka moisturiser to Masque 103 or 105, this is a great at home treatment.

Limited Edition 30 Year Celebration Boxes

To celebrate 30 years of Yon-Ka in Ireland, we have launched three Limited Edition 30 Year Celebration Boxes, suitable for long-time fans of the brand, along with those who are new to Yon-Ka too.

Limited Edition Iconic 30 year Celebration Box includes a selection of hero products Gommage Yon-Ka 50ml, Lotion Yon-Ka Dry Skin 200ml, Phyto-Contour 15ml and Phyto-Bain 100ml.

The Limited Edition 30 Year Celebration Box for Dry skin contains a Limited Edition Lotion Yonka 200ml, Lait Nettoyant 200ml, Hydra No1 Serum 30ml, Hydra No1 Crème 50ml and a 135g Organic Lavender Honey Pot.

There’s also a Limited Edition 30 Year Celebration Box for Normal to Oily skin.  It contains a Limited Edition Lotion Yon-Ka 200ml, Gel Nettoyant 200 mil, Hydra No1 Serum 30ml, Hydra No1 Fluide 50ml and Organic Lavender Honey Pot.

These are available from Yon-Ka salons while stocks last.