Summer skin essentials yonka

It is always important to take some time out for self care. Now more than ever. Whether you are at home with the kids, working from home, or out at work. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others.

Yon-ka skincare relies on the power of essential oils and plant extracts to target skin aging. The base to all Yon-ka products is their unique blend if essential oils which they associate as the Yon-ka Quintessence. This blend consists of;

  • Geranium for its anti-aging and balancing properties
  • Rosemary for its detoxifying and firming properties
  • Lavender for its soothing and regenerating properties
  • Cypress for its refining and balancing properties
  • Thyme for its purifying and invigorating properties

The Yon-ka quintessence is the DNA of the brand and provides a unique olfactory experience.

One of the very first products Yon-ka every created was the Phyto Bain which is based on this concentration of essential oils. This product is a multi-action bath product. The benefits of using this at home is to create that feeling of relaxation. This can also reduce muscle fatigue, promotes drainage and firms the skin. Phyto Bain creates a satin soft skin when used daily and its preservative and paraben free. Just pour one capful into you bath or apply to the skin in the shower.

This can be paired with the Gommage Doux. This cream scrub combines the exfoliating action of bamboo and apricot kernel powder with the moisturizing and restructuring properties of mango butter, sesame oil and vegetable glycerin. It removes dead skin cells, leaving a light hydrating film on the skin.

The final step in this body spa ritual is the application of the Lait Hydratant. This fragrant body milk combines vegetable glycerin, grape seed and sweet almond oil, leaving the skin hydrated and replenished, complete with Ginseng extract for a re-energizing effect.

This body spa ritual gives the ultimate relaxation experience for overall wellbeing.