Body Detox Collection 



What is it: No home spa day is complete without this relaxing and aromatic body care set that’s ideal for gifting to those in need of pampering! 

What’s included: 

  • Lait Hydratant Detox Body Moisturiser (200ml): A nourishing, hydrating body lotion infused with vegetable glycerin, grape seed and sweet almond oil for hydrated, replenished skin from top to toe. 
  • Phyto Bain Detox Bath & Shower Gel (100ml): Infused with a balancing blend of lavender, petitgrain and everlasting essential oils. Also rich in carotenoids and helps to tone and firm the skin. 
  • Scented Natural Soap: Softly lavender scented soap that gently deep cleanses the skin and helps to control sebum.  



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